About the webcast :
The Corona virus which causes the Covid-19 disease has changed the world. Pandemic plans are under a constant stress test. Governments react with contradicting strategies: From herd immunity to a complete curfew. These are just two extreme strategies of reacting to this new global threat.

  • Why is the spread of the virus in Asia (outside China) subdue compared to Europe and the USA?
  • What is the impact on the global economy?
  • What can investors do?
The main points:
  • From an all-time high to a bear market within 2 weeks
  • Update on Covid-19 and how different countries handle it
  • From Monetary stimulus over fiscal stimulus to helicopter money
  • Implemented regulations after 2008 and its impact on today's bond trading
  • What can you do: Buy the dip or sell the rally?
Dr. Andreas Bickel
CIO of Blackfort Capital
Mr. Bickel got his PhD in Finance in 1999 in the University of Zurich and has more than 25 years of experience in asset management, as the Head of PM of Goldman Sachs CH, Head PM of Rothschild Bank CH and Head PM of Clariden Leu (Credit Swiss Group).
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