Play Can Pay: Serious Leisure as a Leadership Tool

24 OCTOBER 2018


About the event

You might have been underestimating the impact leisure can have on your professional life. Emilia Bunea, CFA, researches the relationship between hobbies and leadership, and her study of CEOs (most recently featured by Harvard Business Review) reveals surprising and powerful insights.
The key discussion points:
  • The Finance Industry: the last bastion of the protestant work ethic?
  • Epic rap battles of leisure: Aristotle vs. the Couch Potato
  • Sustainable leadership: insights from interviews with CEOs of S&P 500 corporations, applicable to any leader
  • Passion breeds leadership: at and outside the office
  • A finance leader's responsibility: feed your storytelling engine
Emilia Bunea, CFA, MBA
Independent director. Leadership scholar and educator.
Emilia's past as CEO and CFO at companies such as MetLife and ING gives her exceptional, first-hand perspective on leadership. She has access to many prominent leaders in the corporate world, and she uses her background and knowledge to explore what makes an effective leader. Her research has been featured in publications such as the Harvard Business Review.
Emilia Bunea is a CFA charterholder and has an Executive MBA diploma from the University of Washington, Seattle.

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