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Every investor makes mistakes. Private or professional, amateur or experienced, there is no exception.

And many of these are common mistakes. Whether or not they want to admit it, many investors have committed the same errors. How can you avoid these mistakes? How can you distinguish yourself as an investor and improve your performance?

Joachim Klement, research analyst and former Chief Investment Officer with 20 years' experience in financial markets, has the answers:

- Get an overview of most common mistakes and the reasons for their prevalence
- Learn techniques to avoid these mistakes

The mistakes covered include forecasting, short- and long-term orientation, repeating past errors, confirmation bias, not delegating to experts, and blind trust of traditional assumptions.
The main points:
  • The Shortest Investment Joke: My Forecast
  • The Long Term is Not the Sum of Short Terms
  • Are You a Long-term Investor – or Just Stubborn?
  • We Learn From History That We Do Not Learn From History
  • Ignoring the Other Side of a Story
  • You Get What You Pay For
  • Navigating a Complex World
  • Over To You

Joachim Klement
Research analyst and former Chief Investment Officer
Joachim Klement is a research analyst and former Chief Investment Officer with 20 years' experience in financial markets. He spent most of his career working with wealthy individuals and family offices advising them on investments and helping them manage their portfolios.
Joachim studied mathematics and physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland and graduated with a master's degree in mathematics. During his time at ETH, Joachim experienced the technology bubble of the late 1990s first hand. Through this work, he became interested in finance and investments and studied business administration at the Universities of Zurich and Hagen, Germany, graduating with a master's degree in economics and finance and switching into the financial services industry in time for the run-up to the financial crisis.
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