The Future of Emerging Markets: The Digital Generation
February 9, 2020
7 PM (MSK)
About the event:
Billions of people in the developing world are expected to enter the middle class in the coming years. As this unprecedented consumer wave begins to go online for the first time , entire countries and economies are entering a digital revolution in what McKinsey &Co. calls "the biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism".

The speaker will discuss the following themes:

1) From Wall Street to the Great Wall
- A Random Walk Down Wall Street

2) Investing in Emerging Markets
- What are Emerging Markets?
- Emerging Markets are 85% of the World
- Emerging Markets Have Better Demographics
- Emerging Markets are Passing Developed Markets
- #1 Problem: State Owned Enterprises (SOES)
- Oligarchs & Korean Chaebol = Kind Of SOES
- EM 3.0: the Evolution of EM Investing

3) The Great Confluence
-Smartphones Still Relatively New
-Cheap Smartphones: The First & Only Computer for EM
- Increasing Smartphone Affordability
- Mobile Broadband: First Internet Connection for EM
- Smartphone Penetration Still Early
- Result #1: Massive Revenue Growth
- Baba: Largest IPO In U.S. History
- U.S. vc Funding = Better Governance
- Mobile Payment Adoption is Pervasive
-India: What to Watch for…Flipkart IPO?
- Private Companies

4) The COVID Catalyst
- EMQQ & COVID Pandemic (as of 1.8.20)

5) ANT Group
- ANT Group: the Largest IPO Ever?

6) U.S. China Trade War & Delisting of Chinese Companies
- Review of The 156 Chinese Companies on PCAOB List
- Summary Outlook on s. 945 (Delisting Chinese Stocks)
- China Sentiment Making All Time Lows

7) Q+A
    Kevin T. Carter
    Founder and CIO NYSE: EMQQ
    China and Emerging market expert with over two decades of work in the space alongside longtime Princeton Economist and Author of a Random Walk Down Wall Street, Dr Burton Malkiel. ETF specialist having launched 5 China funds listed on the NYSE with Guggenheim Partners.
    7 PM - 8 PM
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