Family Offices Business in 2022: New Instruments and Services in CIS and Beyond

Бизнес фэмили офисов в СНГ в 2022 году: что изменилось в инструментах и услугах

Online member event
Jul-14 at 4pm (Moscow/Istanbul/Kyiv/Helsinki)

Yergali Kalibekov, CFA, CAIA
Partner, Country Manager Kazakhstan at Clarus Capital Group AG, President at CFA Society Kazakhstan
Yergali graduated from the University of Edinburgh Business School with a Master's degree in MS, Accounting and Finance. In 2014, Yergali founded the CFA Society Kazakhstan.

Jacque Peenz
Partner at 1291 Group | Director of 1291 Group DMCC
Jacque Peenz is a Partner at 1291 Group. With over 10 years' experience practicing law and advising HNW clients on wealth structuring solutions.

At 1291 Group, Jacque's area of expertise is structuring wealth by making use of the most advanced tailormade structures available with a focus on Private placement life Insurance (PPLI) as well as other legacy structures to accommodate the diverse needs of client globally in a compliant manner.

Prior to 1291 Group, Jacque had broad responsibilities at one of the world's leading trust Companies.

During this time, he focused on advising, managing and setting up effective corporate structures across various jurisdictions for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and family offices in the Middle East and Africa.

Jacque is a fully qualified lawyer admitted in the High Court of South Africa, and holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Pretoria.

Liam Fraher, CFA
Practical walk through of UAE Banking and Asset Management solutions for Russian Clients
Liam is a CFA Charter holder and has been based in the UAE since 2008.

He is the co-founder of ARX financial Engineering Ltd a DIFC based Asset Management and Brokerage Firm, serving Emerging Market Institutional and professional clients.

He has held previous roles at Barclays Capital, HSBC Global Markets and Emirates NBD.

His specialisms include Asset Management, Derivatives and Private Markets.

Описание мероприятия
See English Description Below

2022 год принёс целый вал новостей в бизнес фэмили офисов. Прежде всего на территории бывшего СССР, но по цепочке география изменений расширилась и до региона Центральной и Восточной Европы (СЕЕ) и даже до макро региона ЕМЕА. За какую область работы family office ни возьмись, везде произошли драматические изменения, которые требуют от специалистов принципиально новых подходов к трансграничному управлению активами своих клиентов. Открытие счетов и банковское обслуживание, открытие брокерских счетов и формирование инвестиционных портфелей, управление активами с длинным горизонтом инвестирования, налоговое и юридическое структурирование сделок, и даже вопросы наследования и благотворительности - везде у специалистов family offices появилось пространство для творчества и переосмысления. Трое гостей крупных региональных фэмили офисов, которые работают в Астане, Дубае и Цюрихе, встретятся на площадке Ассоциации CFA, чтобы обсудить многие из изменений этого года.

Обсуждаемые области изменений:

  • Открытие счетов
  • Банковское обслуживание
  • Брокерские счета
  • Управление активами
  • Налоговое и юридическое структурирование
  • Наследование
Year 2022 brought several dramatic news to family offices around the World. This mostly applies to the territories of the former Soviet Union, but the geography of changes is stretching far broader across the CEE region and the whole of EMEA. Whatever professional area of family offices you take, this year brought substantial changes in workflows and instruments available to clients. This requires totally new approaches to cross-border asset management available to family office clients. Opening bank accounts and commercial banking, brokerage accounts and portfolio management, long-term asset management, tax and legal structuring, even charity and inheritance services - all have offered plenty of room for innovation and new service creation to family office professionals. Three guests from large regional family offices working in Astana, Dubai and Zurich have been invited by CFA Association Russia on Thursday, July 14 at 4pm (Istanbul/Moscow/Helsinki time) to discuss several key changes of the current year.

Changes to be discussed:

  • Opening Bank Accounts
  • Commercial Banking
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Asset Management
  • Tax and Legal Structuring
  • Inheritance

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